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The full list of courses regularly offered within the Curriculum can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

This page serves only as an archive of previous syllabi for some of those courses.  It is for informational purposes only. These are NOT current syllabi and this is by no means a complete list!


PWAD/HIST 205 Statecraft Diplomacy and War 1618-1815 (Syllabus)

PWAD/HIST 206 Statecraft Diplomacy and War 1815-1945 (Syllabus)

PWAD/PLCY 330 Negotiation & Mediation: The Practice of Conflict Management (Syllabus)

PWAD350 National and International Defense Security (Bapat)  (Syllabus)

PWAD 350 National and International Defense and Security (Gray) (Syllabus)

PWAD 350 National and International Defense and Security (Sullivan) (Syllabus)

PWAD/HIST 351 Global History of Warfare  (Syllabus)

PWAD 353 Intel Analysis Research Methods (Syllabus)

PWAD 356 Strategic Intelligence (Syllabus)

PWAD 357 International Intelligence (Syllabus)

PWAD 358 Cybersecurity (Syllabus)

PWAD 360 History of Warning Intel (Syllabus)

PWAD 361 History of Deception (Syllabus)

PWAD/HIST 368 War and American Society to 1903 (Syllabus)

PWAD/HIST 369 War and American Society 1903 – Present (Syllabus)

PWAD/PLCY 430 Analysis of US National Security Policy (Syllabus)

PWAD/POLI 444 Seminar on Terrorism (Syllabus)

PWAD 480 History of Covert Action (Syllabus)

PWAD 488 Nuclear Security in the 21st Century (Syllabus)

PWAD 489 Empire and Diplomacy (Syllabus)

PWAD490 Managing Conflict and Ending Interstate Wars (Syllabus)

PWAD 577 US Foreign Relations in the 20th Century (Syllabus)

PWAD 672 Political Violence and Insurgency (Syllabus)

PWAD 680 Iranian Grand Strategy (Syllabus)

PWAD 690 US Israel Relations (Syllabus)