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The Curriculum does not have its own permanent faculty although it does have some fixed-term lecturers, occasionally drawn from the intelligence and practitioner communities.  It is administered by the chair, and draws on the expertise of a wide and growing body of faculty in various disciplines across the college. Those faculty with significant and continuing interests in the Curriculum receive adjunct appointments and are listed here.  Other faculty in the University with interests in peace and security related topics receive PWAD Affiliate Faculty appointments–also listed here.  Finally, the chair is advised by a rotating Advisory Committee, also listed here.


Name Position Research Interests
Navin Bapat Chair of Curriculum, Professor, Political Science  Political competition among non-state actors; American foreign policy and transnational terrorism; the rise of extremism within insurgencies.
Dennis C. Blair Knott Distinguished Visiting Professor of the Practice US national security Issues, especially in Asia; US intelligence agencies and Department of Defense; East Asia political, energy and security  issues; Japanese and Chinese defense developments; American energy security; offensive and defensive cyber operations.
Erinn Whitaker Professor of the Practice  

Intelligence analysis and US-Russia relations.



PWAD Staff:

Name Position Contact Information
Millie Tan Student Services


PWAD Adjunct Faculty:

Name Position Research Interests
Christopher Armitage
Professor, English  Literature, Shakespeare and War
Joe Caddell (Bio) Teaching Associate Professor, History, PWAD  Airpower; Seapower; Nuclear counter-proliferation; History of intelligence
Cori Dauber Professor, Comm. Studies  Communication strategies of terrorist groups, especially their use of visual imagery
Stephen Gent Associate Professor, Political Science  Conflict processes, particularly the role of third parties in international and civil conflicts
Joseph Glatthaar Distinguished Professor, History  American military history; the Civil War
Karen Hagemann Distinguished Professor, History  European military history; War and Gender
Klaus Larres Distinguished Professor, History U.S. and European foreign relations, globalization and global governance during the Cold War and currently.
Miguel La Serna Associate Professor, History  Culture, memory, and political violence in twentieth-century Latin America;
Wayne Lee Distinguished Professor, in the Department of History  World military history; violence; conquest and sovereignty; tribal war.
Hillary Edwards Lithgow Teaching Associate Professor, English Victorian and early Modernist British literature, as well as the literature of war from World War I to today. Contemporary literature of war, the military-civilian divide.
Michael Morgan Associate Professor, History  Modern international history, especially the Cold War and human rights
Fred Naiden Professor, History  Ancient military history; especially Greece and Macedonia
Patricia Sullivan Associate Professor, Public Policy Utility of military force as a policy instrument; the effects of foreign military aid


PWAD Lecturers

Name Position Research Interests
David Delaney Teaching Assistant Professor, PWAD and UNC Law International law and US National Security Policy
Shai Tamari Professor of the Practice, PWAD  Conflict management; negotiation and mediation


PWAD Affiliate Faculty

Name Position Research Interests
Penelope Abernathy Knight Chair in Journalism and Digital Media Economics Strategy, Business Models and Measurement, Leadership, Women/Minorities in Leadership Roles
Peter Coclanis Distinguished Professor of History; Director of the Global Research Institute American, Southeast Asian and international economic and business history, especially the creation of integrated world markets for tropical and semi-tropical commodities, with a special emphasis on rice
Mark Crescenzi Professor, Political Science International Relations, International Conflict Processes and International Conflict Resolution and Management
Marisa Escolar Assistant Professor of Italian  Literary representations of the Allied-Italian encounter in World War II
Scott Kirsch Associate Professor, Geography US geopolitics, especially in the Philippines and Asia/Pacific; post-conflict reconstruction; geographies of war and peace
Charles Kurzman Professor, Sociology Islamophobia; domestic extremism; Social Movements, Middle East and Islamic studies
Ted Leinbaugh Associate Professor, English and Comparative Literature Literature and diplomacy, the transatlantic relationship, the EU, the Marshall Plan, and British diplomacy
Peter Redfield Professor, Anthropology Anthropology of Peace and War; Humanitarianism and Human Rights; Colonial History; Ethics, Nongovernmental Organizations and Transnational Experts
David H. Schanzer Associate Professor of the Practice, Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke

Domestic Terrorism; International Relations and Terrorism; National Security; Terrorism

Yaron Shemer Associate Professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Israeli and Middle Eastern cinema and on Arab-Jews

Milada Vachudova Associate Professor, Political Science

Democratization of postcommunist Europe, the enlargement of the European Union, and the impact of international actors on domestic politics

Brett Whalen Associate Professor of History Research on the medieval church, the crusades, apocalypticsm

Nadia Yaqub  Professor of Asian Studies & Middle Eastern Studies

 Arab cultural texts, ranging from medieval literature to contemporary poetry, fiction, and cinema, especially Palestinian literature and visual culture


Advisory Committee

Name Position
Michael Arguello Executive Officer, Naval Science  962-3670
Navin Bapat Associate Professor, Political Science  962-1438
Peter Coclanis Professor of History
Associate Provost for International Affairs & Director
Cori Dauber Associate Professor, Communication Studies  962-4938
Stephen Gent Associate Professor, Political Science  962-3044
Andrew Hertel Professor, Naval Science  962-2074
Dan Hurd Professor, Military Science


Klaus Larres Professor, History Department  962-8079
Wayne Lee Distinguished Professor, History Department  962-3973
Hilary Lithgow Teaching Associate Professor, English  962-0769
Patricia Sullivan Assistant Professor, Public Policy  962-0666
 Eric Theriault Professor, Aerospace Studies  962-2074
Jonathan Weiler Global Studies  962-0491